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>Mel Docs presents I AM A GREAT MAN…

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>Is it me or do the British have a special knack for how to mock the political process….?

>Susan Sarandon to Film Ping-Pong Reality Show

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Susan Sarandon to Film Ping-Pong Reality Show

It’s official icons of Film are going where the entertainment action is… The Reality morass continues its consumption of an industry hunting down Where The Wild Money is…

I don’t hold it against anyone… AND. I quite like the verve of the club.

Check out her ping pong NY club SPiN here.

Ps. The Clubs eatery DUCKS and its collection of chefs gets a Mel thumbs up for pure adorableness!!  

In the rush to feed the Attention Deficit technology applications, let’s not forget — the artistry and enduring connection of a crafted feature film… and continue to support and celebrate the longer cycles of the beautifully imagined feature film.

Bull Durham (20th Anniversary Edition)

>The Balanchine Legacy Lives On

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>Even as the last ballerina he hired retires from the stage…

In The New York Times Gia Kourlas writes DARCI KISTLER has a way of walking onto a stage and casting a spell. For years you could be sure that someone in the audience — in barely a whisper — would remind you that the woman with the honey blond hair, broad shoulders and killer legs was the last ballerina trained and hired by George Balanchine. (Read the whole article here. )

Dancers are at once honest and courageous giving flight to form through movement. When you see a great dancer you are seeing life being born before your eyes.

George Balanchine, regarded as the “Father of American Ballet,” had a belief while pushing limits and getting bigger, more extraordinary results from his dancers that everyone learns a certain amount and thinks, “Enough, finally I’m done;” I’ve arrived. When pushed, they are surprised to discover, “Wow, I can do that!?” In response to the person’s surprise at their own results, Balanchine always said, “Yes, you can.”

Having Kistler retire from the New York City Ballet is an interesting footnote in a beautiful career.

Brought to you by Melanie Lutz’s THE BARE MEL.

Want to read more on Mel’s love of dance…. check out this post from Moments on Dance on Martha Graham.


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>Don’t leave anything on the table.

Edited from his years teaching writing at USC the book The Total Film-Maker by Jerry Lewis is a ground breaker in the field of entertainment and a go to for anyone looking to impact the world of cinema. A refreshing and energizing breeze before any feature undertaking.

“The total film-maker is a man who gives of himself through emulsion, which in turn acts as a mirror. What he gives he gets back.” — Jerry Lewis

A tiny gem from the book–

Joe Mankiewicz once said “a good director is a man who creates an atmosphere for work.”


The transference is at the core of dealing with actors on the human level. Warmth, affection and understanding flow from it, and a two-way street of hugging develops. You may wind up hugging each other as sons-of-bitches in the worst kind of battle, but beneath it is honest care and concern for each other and the film.

There are copies of the book available at Amazon… click here.

>The Sun Never Says…

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Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth,
“You owe Me.”

Look what happens with
A love like that,
It lights the Whole Sky.

~Hafiz ~ From: The Gift ~

Brought to you by The Bare Melcessities.


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Make that change!

Buy the download on Amazon…
Man In The Mirror

>Get Bare Tip #27

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>Enjoy this moment.

Let the essence of your self radiate today and blossom with every word you speak.

Open your heart and Live.


Around me the trees stir in their leaves
And call out, “Stay awhile.”
The light flows from their branches.

And they call again, “It’s simple,” they say,
“and you too have come
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine.”

— Mary Oliver When I Am Among the Trees from Thirst —

Let the shimmering ripple of nature expand through your being
Let the light glow filling your heart with full flowing presence
Let that beautiful expression of love reflect on the wind
Expanding outward amplifying and attune with all the sounds of the world

Make today a beautiful reminder that everyone is here to shine,
with light and love.

Do it.

I’m serious.


Enjoy this moment.

>When you see a Great teacher you are seeing a Work of Art.

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>To teach is to demonstrate… It’s time to turn our knowledge into wisdom and spend it to educate our children.

Participant Pictures documentary Waiting for Superman by the director of An Inconvenient Truth arrives in the Fall showcasing the demise of our education system in this country…

TakePart: Participant Media – Waiting For ‘Superman’ – Infographic from Jr.canest on Vimeo.

The statistics everywhere we look are disturbing. Don’t go to sleep. Find out how you can help… go to Participant’s social action page here.

Watch the trailer for the doc…

There was a study the US Government did a long time ago about the single most impactful influence on a child K-12… The answer was surprising to everyone… One Adult, meeting with the child once a week, SHOWING an interest in them. The results of this study gave birth to the successful Big Brother/Big Sister programs.

You know what you need to do. Get involved. If you see a child you can help, if you are drawn to an organization that can use your support… Do not hesitate. Take action.

>A Week of Limitless Possibility!

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>In thinking about all that this past year presented. All the things I’m grateful for, all the lessons I have learned and most importantly all the growing up I was able to achieve… I wanted to spend this day extending my appreciation for everyone who I met, everyone who laughed with me and cried with me, everyone whose paths continue to march toward the greatest expression of our humanity on this planet we all love so dearly.

I thank you all. In every way.

Here’s to you — all my purposeful powerful friends whose laughs, loves and lives beat into a wondrous future filled with limitless possibilities…

I say without a doubt — to any problem perceived or otherwise Love always remains the answer.

Enjoy a beautiful summer season, embodying the gracious cover that the summer sun provides and when the gentle winds blow may they nourish your soul with a sweet caress…

ps. You know I can’t resist a Sinatra song…. Ce magnifique!

>Love. Love. Love.

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As the Sun sets on Spring…

I wish you Love.

Today. Now. Always.

May your heart overflow with an ever expanding burst of continually radiating Love.