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I married myself.

It was a lovely afternoon. the sky was blue. the air was worn and the ever present screech of fire trucks slashed at the peace. Perfect.


Love and honor myself.

Cherish my oddities.

Listen to my heart.

Explore the capacity of my compassion.

Obey my emerging power and stay with it no matter how terrifying.

When I had completed my vows I knew this was a marriage made in heaven.

Melanie is registered at Barney’s.

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Have you ever had one of those days you just needed help and you had no idea how to ask for it?

I. Need. Help. Three words. Three simple words, and yet so tough to put together.

I guess.
At its core.
It means.
Give up control.
Give over to some other.

Trickier times I’ve never known.

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Crashing Fear
At the end of the coast
In the midst of the fires
Sun clogged in the sky
Still there is time
Exlore the ways
We begin when we can
Where we are
No matter how many times we haven’t
We always can
Grow in every way

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>Sizzling, Sacred and Surreal

The freedom expressed and endured that created our reality retreats even as I write these words.

Our sons and daughters mourn the graspless hopes that once flowed effortlessly through the air. We stopped breathing long ago, began accepting instant gratification and became hardened to the longer possibilities of meaning and purpose.

Within the walls of our confinement we have lost our way. Each of us needs to reclaim the passion and purpose of time and place. We know not what can be done because trying has been supplanted with apathy. The war lost before it has begun.

Is our thirst for instilled freedom a clipped eagle of intention that no longer holds any exhuberance? The towering oneness of an America merged with all positions and perils and profundity in and around the world enrapturing our humanity in a powerful vision of understanding.

In picking up our liberties and not holding them as a shield but as an anthem for fostered longings, as an emblem ever searching and ever growing toward liberty and justice for all.

Don’t think nothing rises from the ashes. A kernel of hope blossoms.

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show up. take care. live life…

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Great Things Grow From Tiny Actions…
Doing something
To be of use
That’s it
That’s all
To give of yourself
so you can share
what you know
what you are
and be the instigator
of all that needs to be
in service of others.
Public service is one of the great gifts of a free country