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>Taking it to the next level.

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wherever you are at. it’s time to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do.

get in the lane. pull the trigger.

and fly.

what’s the worst that can happen?

people call you a show off.

there are worse things to be called.

>Rebranding America…

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>Ron English, a New York-based painter, billboard liberator and toy designer popped this out for Paper magazine’s Annual design issue.

Check out the other artists work. Click here.

>Missing Bea.

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>WE tv had a Golden Girls marathon today.

happened to catch this moment…

:Bea Arthur on Golden Girls – episode – Journey to the Center of Attention:

I love an Irving Berlin tune, combine that with a true show woman in one of the best written comedies in television history and there’s nothing better.

Gets me everytime.

>In remembrance.

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honoring those who died in defense and service. we remember their sacrifice.

>My new little friend …

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:the irrepressible and often curious Minnie Bailey:

one of my dear friends rescued this cutie.

find out how you can help out the furry ones too — click here….

>"Nothing’s Impossible."

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>Whenever I see Fred Astaire performing… I have a smile on my face.

This song written by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields from the movie Swing Time is the purest example of that simple truth.

“Take a deep breath.
Pick yourself up.
Dust yourself off.
And. Start all over again.”

Words. to live by.

There’s so much emphasis we place on what we ‘think’ happened. ‘darn, i fell down. better not do that again.’ In reality we don’t know. anything. falling down could be the best thing that every happened to us.

It’s even in our words. right in front of us.

Take –


with the use of punctuation and space.

It becomes:

i’m possible.

Take a new look. and see things. differently.

>"I made the wrong mistake."

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>Yogi Berra was a warrior. As we honor his birthday we take our hats off.

“most honest personification of the truth of being yourself.”

check out his official site

>"Mom. You did it!"

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>Un. Stuck.

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>It’s time to take a look. get the crow bar out…. and move forward.

Here’s a link to the book site

Let me know how it turns out.

>I like LeAnn Rhimes.

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