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>Tinkle, tinkle, little fish.

This has to be world’s most atrocious aquarium — a Chinese restaurant has been criticized for keeping ornamental fish in a urinal.

The restaurant in Changchun city has around 20 fancy carp in the 13-foot long trough in the men’ bathroom.

The Eastern Asian Economic and Trade Daily says experts have condemned the move as harmful to the fish and “disrespectful to China’s fish culture”.

:Just In Time – Michael Buble & Tony Bennett:

>Serving in Honor and Peace.

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>Memorial Day means so much to all people looking to experience global peace and the return to our homes and hearts of all those in active service.

This holiday commemorates the U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country. Beginning with honoring the Union soldiers who died during the American Civil War, expanding with the first World War to include all those who died in any war or military action.

It’s a time of remembrance. it’s a time to honor those who encourage the ideals that we all share.

peace on earth.
freedom of expression.
love of our neighbors.

Sometimes you can lose sight of their losses and the sacrafice in the rush of living our lives. But. Nothing brings it so heart-renderingly home than a roll call listing the names of those who have lost their lives or been wounded in the war in Iraq. As the names are read. and. continue on endlessly. as the rushing of loss shakes through your entire body. something else happens. the names are not the only thing read off at the roll call of honor. the ages are also called. and those ages go something like this… twenty one year old. twenty two year old. nineteen year old. twenty three year old… and. on and on.

Every soldier has a story. Every soldier knows why they endure the atrocities they need to endure. Every soldier puts their heart on the line to a greater knowing.

Join me (& Gene Simmons & the members of Kiss) in honoring their commitment.

:Gene Simmons Family Jewels : Tribute to the Troops:

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

>The Evita Principles.

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>Don’t cry for me America. I’ll be crying on and off for years to come.
:Hilary Clinton delivers her conscession speech in New York:

I liked what HRC had to say in her concession speech to BO… “life is too short, time is too precious and the stakes are too high.”

God bless us. everyone.

>More Than You Know.

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>It used to make me laugh that I have the Pope’s email.

I saw it as a sure sign the Vatican was jumping wholeheartedly into the digital age. Part of an effort to get current and be in touch.

Too bad. It’s thinking couldn’t come along for the ride.

Pope thanks virgins for 'gift' to Christ – The Vatican-

The pope said the women’s vocation was deeply meaningful, even if it could be seen as “dark and useless” by some of those who do not share the Catholic faith.

It is estimated there are more than 3,000 consecrated Catholic virgins worldwide.

“Man of my heart I love you so”…. takes on new meaning.

:More Than You Know | Jane Monheit:

>Bring Back Hot Buttered Soul…

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>I think we all could use it.

:Do Your Thing – Isaac Hayes:

>For Jiminey’s Sakes…

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>What did we do before bottled water?

I vaguely remember running around as a child, sticking my mouth in front of a hose to quench my thirst. I definitely remember when tap water was something to be trusted. Refreshing even.

The product-ization continues… consuming precious resources and creating more ways that we are poisoning ourselves.

I don’t even know what I need anymore. I certainly don’t need all the options that are available to me.

I’m exercising my right to reduce.

>The Best Is Yet To Come.

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>Today marks the tenth anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s death.

The “greatest single voice of the 20th century” lays claim to 1400 studio recordings, countless live performances and endless hours of radio and television.

His memory, his music and most importantly his spirit lives on.

>Witness A Miracle…

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>In the spark of a breath

Each of us is an act of peace

Lit up by the power of our constant pulse of being…

Establishing a frequency… to surrender.

>Happy Mom’s Day!

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>It’s been a mother’s boom town this year….

So, to all those celebrating their first Mother’s day, to those who have logged in quite a few more mothering miles…. and. to all the grand-mother’s that bring the wisdom home.

Wishing you the most happiest days, celebrating all the amazing things you do!

excerpted from Maya Angelou’s Our Grandmothers…

When you learn, teach.
When you get, give.
As for me,

I shall not be moved.

In the classroom, loving the
children to understanding.

Centered on the world’s stage,
she sings to her loves and beloveds,
to her foes and detractors:
However I am perceived and deceived,
however my ignorance and conceits,
lay aside your fears that I will be undone,

for I shall not be moved.

May you all have “The insight to see and the courage to say”


>Unchain My Heart Fridays…

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>Acknowledge and welcome what will be.

Please set me free.

:Unchain My Heart | Ray Charles | from the movie Ray:

To go my own way.