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A Day of Gratitude

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Somedays your heart is just overflowing with warmth and joy in remembering all the fabulous acts of kindness and sharing that our days bring. In thinking about how my whole “Love Everyone” journey started, today I want to thank Anne Morrow Lindbergh for her work, her efforts in sorting through life and for her journey to find a little peace and solace in the world. These words from her book THE GIFT FROM THE SEA became a wake up call to living my life in the pursuit of the truth, in a centered and authentic way, in the grace of each moment and in love with all that I see.

“I want in fact to borrow the language of the saints — to live “in grace” as much of the time as possible… By grace I mean an inner harmony, essentially spiritual, which can be transformed into outward harmony. I am seeking perhaps what Socrates asked for in the prayer from the Phaedrus when he said, “May the outward and inward man be at one.”  I would like to achieve a state of inner spiritual grace from which I could function and give as I was meant in the eyes of God.”

This moving and insightful book delivered to me an uncomplicated truth – the reference to Socrates words, “may the outward and inward man be at one” – it was something my unconscious had picked up and wanted to share, wanted to experience and had unwittingly become ingrained in my days becoming a battle cry. In reading something that resonates “the soul thrills at what we all already know.”  We are all speaking from the same source, the same human spaces of being, we may couch it obscuring it from the world, we may express it differently but it lives and breathes in all we do becoming expressions of ourselves through our actions.

The process of shifting gears in my life, from moving to movie making to the more solitary work of writing a book (that would become five books) opened so many doors to my understanding, brought me to places of wisdom beyond anything I could have ever imagined and most importantly brought me peace of mind, to a resonating love in full beauty and abundance everywhere I look accomplishing everything I could have ever hoped, bringing my inner and outer “man” in harmony. A harmony that is now humming!

It’s interesting how history works, my knowledge of Anne Lindbergh would have ended with the wacky footnote of her being the mother of the Lindbergh baby except for my Therapist’s love of books and a deeply resonating fear of water that brought the book into my hands. Anne broke through her early and painful tragedy, had five children, wrote a ton of books and was a famous aviator in her own right. She juggled it all beautifully, keeping herself open to the moments of quiet, and when necessary creating her own. She became a conduit for learning and the spirit of reclaiming an earthy energy.

Just as the tides ebb and flow, Anne’s reminder and simple message that everywhere things seem overwhelming in a sea of change the next step is always available and waiting.

Let’s borrow from the language of the saints and live “in grace” as often as possible. In infinite love and gratitude for everything that comes our way.

May you live in the grace of each moment opening each gift that comes!

In grace and appreciation.  #LoveLand101


>Tales from Mobile Mel.

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>There’s no doubt, when you get out and about, the world is a most beautiful place filled with beautiful people. People who have something to share. People who are inspiring because they were inspired and carried it forward. These amazing people live and breath in the fabric of the worlds cities and towns large and small. We celebrate them…

Tales from Mobile Mel will share some of the memorable stories and lessons learned from these extraordinary individuals. From doctors, to house cleaners, to bakers, and business men, to the homeless guy on the bus. Everyone has something to offer to the conversation.


In a small historic church on the beautiful island in the pacific one bright Sunday morning, a retired silver haired gentleman stood up during the sharing section of the service, and told a story. It was a simple story. A story of recognition and action.

This stately man talked of being forced to retire from his medical practice, a busy successful doctor told to “Go. Enjoy yourself, travel, see the world, you’ve earned it.”

He did for awhile, but nothing brought him the joy he felt when he was active and productive in his work. He resigned himself into what he considered would be boring musings through the sunset of his life, as winter approached he and his wife sun birded to South Carolina.

It was there in a church very much like the one we were all standing in that he found himself, on a Sunday, listening.

A woman stood up in the congregation, “I’ve been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. I don’t have insurance, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have two small children I’m raising myself. No family. Nothing. What am I going to do?”

As the words of her story washed over him, he remembered his own childhood, his Dad was a minister and his Mom a teacher, and he grew up scraping alongside seven siblings. They all used to sit around the dinner table and his Dad would ask, “what have you done for someone today?” If he had something to say, to contribute, he would get an extra piece of chicken, dessert, something. What have you done for someone today? Pretty simple. As the thought spilled into his head, as the challenge stirred, as the voice filtered in. he said, “I noticed something. I noticed the gifts I had been given and I noticed how little it took for me to feel down and out and powerless.”

As the realization hit him he said, “I found myself standing up, words busting out of my mouth, and, I knew, in my heart… I would be getting dessert.”

This man offered his surgical services, free of cost, to that woman, and asked if anyone else in the congregation of retirees would join him. Without hesitation multiple hands went up, a retired anesthesiologist, a surgical nurse, a local hospital administrator, every one necessary to provide the health care service this woman needed.

That one action of standing up led to a movement.

It was the beginning of VOLUNTEERS IN MEDICINE. Free health care for people who can’t afford it. from a volunteer group of retirees.

He took two problems, the inability for working folks to see a doctor when they were sick, crowding emergency rooms, and an untapped resource, bored, sometimes cranky, retired medical professionals, highly skilled retirees with time to give something back. He had a notion, a notion that he wasn’t alone. He bet there were plenty of people like himself, retired, who would want to give back, on a part time basis. At the time the un-insured in SC was one of the highest of any state in the country.

As he stood there, in that Kauai church, smiling broadly, “it seemed like a marriage to me.”

Amazing, that one inkling of inspiration led to one of the largest private health care reforms in this country. Today every person who lives or works in their community in South Carolina has access to health care. All from a dude standing up in church and saying, “YES! and, who’s with me!”

It has become a model in many cities and communities around the country.

Their motto is —
‘May we have eyes to see those who are rendered invisible and excluded, open arms and open hearts to reach out and include them, healing hands to touch their lives with love, and in the process heal ourselves.’


What have you done for someone today?