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>A Day to Remember.

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>From my dear friend, reflecting on passages
(and we’ve had quite a few this year.)

“Those I have loved, though now beyond my view,
have given form and quality to my being.
They have led me into the wide universe
I continue to inhabit, and their presence
is more to me than their absence.”

-Rabbi Morris Adler

Forgive me for going all Hebrew on you… my spelling may be terrible, my pronunciation rough, but the sentiment is all there, from Psalm 90

“Limnot yamaynu kayn hoda v’navi l’vav khokh’mo.”

In English…

Teach us to treasure our days, that we may open our hearts to your wisdom.


>Love you Bodhi Tree!

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>Thanks for the terrific review for THE BARE MELCESSITIES…

“Stripped bare, with nothing but her honesty and a delightful sense of humor, Melanie Lutz blazes a trail through divorce to a new life filled with joy. She bravely shares her hard-earned wisdom with candor, offering support and inspiration to keep going when the next step seems impossible.”

~ Jo Carey, Events Coordinator, Bodhi Tree Bookstore ~

I love me a stripped bare reference!

Buy a copy of The Bare Melcessities: Walking Out. Waking Up. Getting Bare. at Amazon.

>"I Still Believe in Chasing Dreams and Placing Bets."

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>Barbra Streisand’s new album is out… Love is the Answer buy a copy for yourself, and your friends. Here’s to life, with new Streisand music!

Ms. Streisand says she prays a lot that her voice will still be there.

I think that’s every artists prayer.

>Yom Kippur for the Rest of Us!

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>Since I’m unofficially a quarter Jew, I feel blessed to be able to participate with my Jewish friends and family in many of their ceremonies.

Our friend Michael held a Spiritual retreat for Yom Kippur at Holmby Park in Bel Air today. It was a beautiful spot to cleanse the energy of the past, and rest in the oneness of spirit and community alongside the trees and the grass and the breeze all calling forth a joining, a unity and most importantly a clearing of that which we no longer have to carry.

V’ahavta I’rayakha ~ and you shall have love in your heart,
V’ahavta kamokha ~ for yourself and your friends,
V’ahavta ani hashem ~ to create a world of hope and peace,

I thought of all my friends, past and present, I thought of my family, I thought about the many people I have met as I travel through the world, I thought about a lot of things. But mostly, I thought about how grateful I am, grateful to be able to experience grace and humor and love, everyday.

Each of us finds our own way on the path of the peaceful spiritual warrior, “capable of wrestling with Life without being defeated by living.”

This past year I have been the beneficiary of a huge mitzvot. The mitzvot of learning how to love myself by loving all of you, and I thank you.

Tomorrow is a new day, but for this moment, I wanted to honor and celebrate the truth…

We live in a world filled with love, and spirit and vitality.

I look forward to seeing what lays ahead.

much love,


>"We’re dealing with a lot of shit out here."

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>This is a shout out to my friend Michelle!

Tune in appropriately Southern dialect, very Daughters of the American Revolution, shaking fist in air… “FU men who aren’t owning their crap” back to graceful, sweet, Southern airs… “Love you universe, for showing me the way!”

I always try to remember when weighing some tough decisions. There’s always an answer to any question, you just need to listen.

“Candlesticks do indeed make a nice gift.”

Thanks Robert Wuhl!

:Bull Durham written and directed by Ron Shelton:

>Scusa Me, But you see, That’s Amore…

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>We’ve been in the middle of a fall heat wave, where the nights have been dreamy, and sensual and filled with possibilities.

Enjoy a little Dean Martin and remember “when you walk in a dream, but you know you’re not dreaming, Senora…. That’s Amore.”

The world is definitely shinning!

If you are in Los Angeles this weekend, please enjoy the sweet Italian deliciousness of the Feast of San Gennaro!

>It’s getting better all the time!

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>Today’s blast from the past describes exactly how I feel as I work away in Southern California’s answer to the perfect Fall day…

A hundred degree heat wave… Surf is definitely up!

>Graffiti Artist on the Loose.

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They start so young!

Thanks for sending along to

>Let There be Love!

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>Dean, Frank & Judy!

With a lead in of “Let there be Love,” written by Lionel Rand and lyrics by Ian Grant to the fabulous “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Till Somebody Loves you,” written by Russ Morgan, Larry Stock, and James Cavanaugh.

There’s nothing finer. Check out the irrepressible Dean Martin, the king of cool, Frank Sinatra and super nova Judy Garland doing their thing.

This is the very reason I love everyone!

>Tea for Two… And You for Me…

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>”Tea for two and two for tea. me for you and you for me… Can’t you see know how happy we could be.”

This lovely song from 1925’s No, No, Nanette was written by Vince Youmans and Irving Caesar.

: Doris Day sings Tea for Two:

Great lyrics~

Just tea for two
And two for tea
Just me for you
And you for me…alone-

Picture you upon my knee
Just tea for two
And two for tea
Just me for you
And you for me alone

Can’t you see how happy we would be…

Aghh… romance, and the simplicity of a cup of afternoon tea.

It conjures warmth and compassion, one of our favorite afternoon rituals.

Check out The Art of Tea at UCLA’s Fowler.

Simply delightful.