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>We’ve Lost a Legend… Knievel Kicks It.

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>There are few spirits that capture the imagination of the world with the sheer force of their unbridled love of fear. The christmas that I got my Evil Knievel action figure with the windup motorcycle action crank. I was in love.

I watched Evil work his magic. I watched in anticipation. Wondering. If the crazy mo fo would make it over whatever mountain he decided to tackle. I only remember the victories. Not the crashes.

We’ve taken a hit in the landscape of adventure.

>We need to catch the fever…

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>Things aren’t what they should be in the grand ole U.S. of A. and we sit quietly grumbling about how things are screwed and deciding between the lesser of evils.


Check out the turn out in Caracas, Venezuala protesting the proposed changes to their constitution.

That’s some people saying. Hello. We’ve had it and we want you to know we’re not going to take it. I don’t want to go back to the telling words of Network’s Howard Beale… ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’ but we have to get angry. we have to use that anger as an energy. Not to be destructive. Not to be hurtful. But an energy to create positive action. An energy to move in a direction that brings humanity to the surface.

Don’t stand by. Stand up!

>Time to head back to the donut shop…

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>The Assosciated Press reports that obesity rates have finally flattened. There are only 74 million Americans that are obese and battling with our culture’s over consumption.

I, for one, am encouraged. It may seem like a huge number. But. We have gotten ahold of ourselves. I think this is an indicator that we’ve become aware. We’re starting to work together to make significant changes.

So, for 2008, let’s give the center for disease control a break and start getting excited about celery.

Koala Love!

>Some of us fared better than others…

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>Thanksgiving is a tough holiday for a lot of people. Just after Halloween you can feel the creeping anxiety of the most ‘family friendly’ of holidays. Somewhere between the planning and the bird things go tense. I don’t need to go into detail. It is absolutely something we’ve all felt. That knot in the pit of our stomach, that unresolved issue that needs to bare its ugly head and is just waiting for that first helping of stuffing to break free.

Enough. 2007 Thanksgiving is behind us! woo. hoo.

Sadly. some of us didn’t make it through…

I have to report on a couple of losses.

-Kevin DuBrow, the lead singer of the heavy metal band Quiet Riot was found dead over the weekend. Quiet Riot banged it out in the 80’s with “Cum on Feel the Noize.” I can still remember jamming it out on the dance floor to that hit from the “Metal Health” album.

apparently, “metal health” couldn’t help bouy the mental health through the holiday heaviness.

-Minority Whip in the Senate Trent Lott calls it a day. The heat in the kitchen became to hot and Mr. Lott finally realized it.

It’s a time of the year that a lot of people who have been holding on, quietly decide it’s time to move on. The life cycle overpowered by the holiday cycle. As the years pass, I see it all as part of the big picture. A time to be with what is and let it unfold. to witness and not sink.

Here’s my advice.

Keep it light. Keep it bright. and Keep it rockin around the christmas tree.

I want all of you to be around for 2008.

Where we all take back the fight.

join me in a battle cry — come on…

>Lollipop Gang – not just knocking over liquor stores…

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>Munchkins take Mann’s Chinese

In a long overdue ceremony — we returned to the land of oz and gave the munchkins their due.

Viva La Munckins!

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>Take me out to the ballgame doesn’t mean what it used to.

United States of America v. Barry Lamar Bonds.

Talk of Hank Aaron’s chase of Babe Ruth’s all time homer record filled the summer of 1974.

Our family went to a Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves game. Being Philadelphia, they decided not to pitch to Hank Aaron and walked him. They did not want to give him the opportunity to shatter the record in its stadium.

I remember the red of the phillies against the sharp green of the grass.

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Take today to give yourself a standing ovation.
Each day has the magic of the moment
Step into it
And hear the roar.

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Family has so many meanings. so many options. We can feel embraced by our families, we can feel oppressed by their actions. we can struggle with the feelings that these people who raised you. Who brought you into the world are not the ones you go to for comfort.

As the holidays approach it gets even more illusory. You can feel the creeping anxiety just about a week after Halloween. The idea that you are trapped. That you must spend time around a thanksgiving day table with people who have the title of your family. But somehow always leave you feeling sick. Sick to your stomach for what is lost. For not being able to open to the grace of the table. For not living in a place where they can honor themselves so they can only provide tension, and destruction.

For me, being thankful is a daily event. I am thankful for all the lessons I’ve been taught by my family. I’m thankful for all the ways that they have contributed to my life. I am thankful that I don’t need to spend Thanksgiving with them.

As we stretch into the holidays and the end of a particularly exciting year. I want to plant the seed for new growth in the family department. I want to be open to a blossoming. A blossoming of feeling nourished and supported and to being receptive to the many definitions of family.

In this thought seed. I have no conditions placed on what will be. I will continue to ask for what I need and I will take the brave steps forward to watch my family develop. The family I choose to create. In gratitude.

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Are we living in a waking dream?
It’s not hard to look around and imagine everything is illusory.
Are people’s beliefs really forged on a knowing or a telling?
I wanted to find peace.
I wanted to know.
I found my life.
Wake up.

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Sometimes the little things really make the difference…

There’s a place and a time and a rain and a shine

A pond of perfection and beauty’s whine

I don’t go there all the time but

In the rhyme I play with mine

Being, holding, nourishing

The light may come the light may go

The here and now bright with flight

Finding those places and spaces

as simple as looking