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>Bush Love.

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>Martin Luther King Jr. often said “God didn’t say we have to like our enemies… God said we have to love them.”

Always powerful. not always easy.

>Viva President’s Day!

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>In the history of Presidents of the United States there has been one bachelor President – – (Aaron Sorkin’s The American President doesn’t count.)

It is James Buchanan … the fifteenth leader of our nation.

While historians label him as one of our 2 or 3 worst Presidents, due to his inaction with the succession of the southern states leading up to the American Civil War, he did bring along the start of the Pony Express. Making the connections.

“No one is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to grow.” Alice Walker

>First Annual Love Mel Day – Super Success!!

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>Valentine’s Day kicked it up a whole nother notch. We raised some money and we spread the love.

(to translate.)

The Love Mel program is going great in 08.

Starting with the help and giving movement:

Money was raised. Ideas were shared. Fun was had.

Igniting the flame of possibility through education…

And it didn’t stop there.

Baby Love broke out of the heart factory.

Love was most definitely in the air.

Hope you breathed it in.

>Update – Kissing Cousins go Crying Cousins…

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>McCain continues his bonding… here with John Warner.

The Republicans are not afraid to show their softer side.

>A Few Of My Favorite Words…

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>de-light-ful = highly pleasing

well beloved = dear to the heart; sincerely and deeply loved

grace = unmerited divine assistance for regeneration or sanctification

ulifting = to improve the spiritual, social, or intellectual condition

>Super Tuesday or Kissing Cousins…

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>Is anyone as intrigued as I am by the photo-journalistic selections the editors of our nations top news services?

You can almost taste the heat of the brewing man lust.


Schwarzenegger is trying to figure out how to eat McCain for breakfast.

>Mellow-vania launches bid for statehood!

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>Now is the time.

Email us to join the movement.