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>Create a vortex of Possibility!

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Peace comes from knowing peace
Love comes from being Loving
Gifts come from wholly giving

In this light
Peace becomes
My deepest brilliance
Glowing brightly

Step not timidly on the path
Flow forward

Peace is mine
My calling card
Falling with me
Radiating through me

Blossoming all around me
Witnessing what I have done
Peace realized

I wake
Hearing the bluebirds of the Angels
Joining in the dance of Love

I own my state of peace

In grace

I am a Magnificent Woman

This peace offering on this Memorial day is in honor of our brave and courageous troops doing the job assigned them by our country, a country of “we the people” holding the candle of possibility.

I honor the troops today.


I honor the pursuit of peace on earth.

Click here for a past Memorial Day post honoring the troops featuring Gene Simmons.

Brought to you by I AM A MAGNIFICENT WOMAN

>Sondheim Rules!

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>A new production highlighting the life and work of Stephen Sondheim opened at the Roundabout Theater last week.

Stephen Sondheim has always been a huge inspiration for me. I listen to his work when I want to get inspired. When I am in a transitional phase his words and music play in my head and there is no doubt his rhythms have always offered profound insights into life, love, heartbreak, anxiety, artistry and that intricate dance of romance.

If you are in New York you have two opportunities to catch the Sondheim genius… you can roll by the Roundabout and check out Sondheim on Sondheim…

Here’s one of the productions stars Vanessa Williams performing on Regis & Kelly…

or you can rumble to the Walter Kerr Theater to catch the final performances of Tony nominated Catherine Zeta Jones and Angela Lansbury in one of my favorite musicals of all time A Little Night Music based on a Bergman film.

For a little dose of the master listen in to Sondheim chat about the show on Fresh Air with Terry Gross here. Around 33 minutes into the hour Terry Gross asks the classic musical question “Which comes first the music or the lyrics?” Sondheim’s answer is one of a true collaborator, one who is in tune with the sounds and voices of the work. He follows the librettist characters and dialogue from the book and explains the most important thing is to know what you want to say.

He always seems to know what he wants to say and does so with such beauty and a haunting complexity.

>Grieving and Glorying…

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>Magnificent Woman Vanessa Redgrave personifies grace.

From any one’s purview she had one rough couple of years in losing dear family members but still she goes on.

She is an inspiration. She is a warrior and we wish her and her family well.

Brought to you by I AM A MAGNIFICENT WOMAN.

>The Elegance of "the Berg"

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>It took Charlie Rose twenty years to book Jeffrey Katzenberg to sit down on his show for a chat.

It didn’t (quite) disappoint Mr. Katzenberg discussed his career in animation starting at Disney where he took a huge liability (the animation department) that no one wanted to touch and reignited it into the fullest expression of its namesake.

Reflecting on his success — Mr. Katzenberg considers himself most importantly a student of Walt Disney one of the greatest storytellers to ever practice in our business.

Interesting look into Mr. Katzenberg’s thinking.

His life of “one door closes and another one opens” was exemplified when Mr. Katzenberg’s firing paved the way for The dreamer, the builder and the architect to start Dreamworks.

Check out the interview at Charlie Rose…. here.

>No Doubt — Three Wise Woman…

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>can bring peace on earth.

Oh… and throw in a very positive little girl for joy and happiness.

>How Many More….

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>Man Made disasters are we going to watch unfold?

It’s clear to me the eyes that should be reviewing and enforcing fair and safe practices in a system of checks and balances have lost focus and perspective in pursuit of outdated goals of ever increasing profits in total disregard for the planets general welfare and personal accountability.

Yes. This is an SNL sketch with funny people pointing out how ridiculous the corporate and governmental system has become.

I’ve lost my ability to laugh at the shameful actions of an elite group of executives even in the finest of satirical parody.

We know better. Let’s do better.

>The Best Is Yet to Come!

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>In our series of composers performing their work…

Check out the great Cy Coleman singing The Best is Yet to Come, first recorded by Tony Bennett only to be eclipsed by Sinatra’s rendition with Count Basie in an arrangement by Quincy Jones.

“You think you’ve flown before
but baby you aint left the ground.”

“You think you’ve seen the sun but you aint see it shine.”

>There’s Something About Babies…

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>That totally makes me smile!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

>A Tradition of Excellence…

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>Charice on Oprah singing In this Song.

>You Don’t Need to Love Cupcakes …

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>To Love This Guy!

Johnny Cupcakes is a true baking inspiration… every cupcake is infused with soul and love. Here’s to his Mom this Mother’s Day weekend for nurturing his passion and letting him be himself.

Check out the Johnny Cupcakes story here.