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In Action, America, Love, Oprah, Peace on January 21, 2009 at 5:00 pm

>Ghandi said “salvation begins when you see the possibility there is another way.”

It’s been a powerful week…

Monday – Martin Luther King Jr. – We celebrated our Freedom

Tuesday – Inaguration Day – We most certainly celebrated Change

Today – The First Day of a New Era – We fly into Action

There are many things about Barack Obama’s Inagural Address that struck chords… but. what I remember most was was one word — imagination.

For the first time in a long time the imagination of this country is activated. The imagination of the nations artists, and poets, and dreamers. The singers, and the actors, and the show people are back in force. We have a place to contribute our time and talents. A place once again to stretch into new possibilities.

A power has been unleashed, a power to move mountains. the power of belief.

Freedom. Change. Action.

Where we got it wrong. We’re going to make a correction. And get it right.


ps. I love Bono… and. the fact that he isn’t American is part of the movement of positive human color-blind-ness, being borderless, embracing oneness and working as humans. America’s song is everyone’s song. Thanks to the Oprah gang for putting it together.