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In Uncategorized on July 25, 2008 at 7:32 pm

>Who else is tired of the thinking on this planet?

Bush sidesteps court ruling on warming – Climate Change-

“The Bush administration rejected regulating greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, saying it would cause too many job losses.”

So, let me get this right. By enforcing a greenhouse gas emission plan…. we’re causing jobs to be lost.

Because….. corporate profits are more important than….. the environment. It’s like sorry. We can either afford to keep you working or we can stop polluting the environment. We can’t figure out a way to do both. Did I say. I’m sorry. I really mean it.

Whew… it’s even hard to type.

How could taking care of our future responsibly cause harm. Our current governmental efforts are falling so far short that to them ignoring the regulations seems like the only solution.

All I can say is.

This thinking is unacceptable.

Gandhi often said “the end is inherent in the means.”

Our means need to be infused with integrity, and exercised with truthfulness, and righteousness.

I have propagated, believed in, championed the bedrock principle of truth, justice and the American way in all my daily dealings.

Can we ask any less of our leaders?

We have fallen so far off course we are unable to hear the simple sounds of what’s right.

There is nothing complicated. There is no act required that is beyond our capabilities. There is only and always simple principle. of living in the truth. and. not buying into lazy, fearful thinking.

Let’s not let the short term justify that which is right minded. And fall incurably ill. Giving up and giving in does not result in growth. And growth is what we need. Growth in ideas, growth in opportunities, growth in seeing things differently.

What short term gain would ever be acceptable when long term we’ve destroyed our home.

Each peace of the puzzle needs to play its part but how we choose to define it will give us the radical edge to lift ourselves beyond our current circumstances and turn the tides in an uplifting direction.

I am grateful to President Bush for showcasing the exact opposite reality and giving us a beacon for a new way of being. A new way filled with strong purpose and passion to become what we all have the capability of becoming.

Jewish lyricist Yip Harburg once commented, “A song is the pulse of a nation’s heart, a fever chart of its health. Are we at peace? Are we in trouble? Do we feel beautiful? Are we violent? Listen to our songs.”

What songs are we hearing now? What song?

Here’s what I hear….

“impeach me, fine me, jail me, sue me.” from Of Thee I Sing (the first musical to win the Pulitzer Prize.)

Arrogance will not be cast off readily.

Pretending a problem doesn’t exist, or my favorite…”will fix itself.” isn’t the way to heal a problem. i heard someone use this analogy. When you break your leg and go to the doctor you don’t tell him you have a rash on your arm. It doesn’t work in the healing. You have to name the problem.

Schumer argued that the “breadth and depth” of the problems at IndyMac have been “apparent for years, and they accelerated in the last six months.” But OTS, he said, “was asleep at the switch and allowed things to happen without restraint.

“And now they are doing what the Bush administration always does: Blame the fire on the person who calls 911.”

Let’s just stop it. Get a hold of ourselves and do what’s right.


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